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Mental Health Services

Community Solutions: 

  •  (408) 683-4118

Discovery Counseling

  • (408) 778-5120

Rebekah’s Counseling 

  • (408) 846-2100

Warmline Inclusion Collab.

  • (408) 453-6651

Crisis Hotline


Virtual Teletherapy by appt. 


Remote Counseling by appt. 


Support for students with disabilities

Free Internet Providers

Charter/Spectrum Broadband

  • 1-844-488-8395



  • 1-800-934-6489

60 free Internet during the closure


Free 60 days of internet for low-income students.

General Enrichment Activities and Resources. 


Note: parents should provide oversight for public access sites.

Math Practice

Early Literacy


PE and Wellness



Free Math Practice K-8

Free Math Practice K-12


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Public Access Library

Public Access Library

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Virtual Tour and Activities

Link to Curriculum and Contact Information During Closure by School 

Schools and teachers will be communicating with students during the closure to provide learning resources. Communication should be established by March 20.  While we work out access, communication, and establish new routines, we encourage all students to work diligently with the assurance that requirements and grading will be flexible to the circumstances that are beyond their control. 


Note: these directories are still under construction as teachers work out the best way for home contact. If you are unable to reach an individual teacher, you may also call 408-201-6000 and leave a message with your name and number and the teacher you are trying to reach. The teacher will receive an email to return your call. School sites are also posting information on their school websites.

Barrett Elementary

Link to Barrett Directory

El Toro Elementary

Link to El Toro Directory

Jackson Academy

Link to Jackson Directory

Jackson Online Learning

Los Paseos Elementary

Link to Los Paseos Directory

Nordstrom Elementary

Link to Nordstrom Directory

Paradise Elementary

Link to Paradise Directory

P.A. Walsh Elementary

Link to PA Walsh Directory

San Martin Gwinn Academy

Link to San Martin Directory

Britton Middle School

Link to Britton Directory

Martin Murphy Middle School

Link to Murphy Directory

Ann Sobrato High School

Link to Sobrato Directory

Central High School

Link to Central Directory

Live Oak High School 

Link to Live Oak Directory

Community Adult School 

Link to Adult School Directory