Transitions: Planning Next Steps


As you plan your future, it can be helpful to reflect on your skills, your learning style, and your personal interests. Here are some online resources that many adult students find useful. Click on any of these, and you will be taken to the web sites:

CALIFORNIA CAREER ZONE: Learn about yourself, the employment options available to you and the training that will prepare you to achieve your goals.

WHAT IS YOUR LEARNING STYLE? Take a short quiz that will help you understand how you learn.

MY NEXT MOVE: Search for career information. Note that you can click ¿Habla Español? on this home page.

DO I HAVE DYSLEXIA? This is a useful self-assessment provided by the International Dyslexia Association.


CALIFORNIA CAREER PLANNING GUIDE: This guide is designed to help people of all ages plan their futures. It will help you learn more about your own skills and interests, understand the steps you will need to take to succeed in finding a career, and identify education and training opportunities.

COLLEGE FOR ADULTS: This is a great resource for adults planning to go to college. It will help you with career planning, college selection, the application process, and identifying sources of financial aid.

MAPPING YOUR FINANCIAL JOURNEY: HELPING ADULTS PLAN FOR COLLEGE: This is a very comprehensive and practical guide to planning for your future. It includes lots of information and worksheets on goal-setting, financial basics, pitfalls to avoid, college costs, financial aid, and tips on how to succeed in making a transition to college life.

AAUW SCHOLARSHIP: The Morgan Hill chapter of the American Association of University Women offers re-entry scholarships to women who are enrolled in community college. See the LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS PAGE of the  AAUW -Morgan Hill chapter web site for information.

OTHER SCHOLARSHIP OPTIONS: Looking to advance to college.  Here are 15 scholarships specifically for adult education graduates planning to go to college.