HISET Test Center


*Due to COVID-19, the testing center may close at any time, with little notice.  We thank-you for your understanding. 


The following will be required due to COVID-19 safety rules:
1. Face coverings must cover your mouth and nose the entire time you are testing.
2. We will only be testing reading, science, and social studies at 9 AM.
3. We will only be testing math and writing at 10:30 AM.
4. You will be required to stay in your seat for the full testing time.
5. All items should be left at home.  For any items that cannot be left at home (i.e. keys) you will be assigned a cubby for your items. 

All other HiSET test center regulations are still in place.  


Adults in California are able to earn their High School Equivalency credentials by passing the HiSET.  HiSET testing is 

Morgan Hill Community Adult School is a Test Center for HiSET.  HiSET is a five-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills required by high schools and requested by colleges and employers. The five subjects are Language Arts – Reading, Language Arts – WritingScience, Social Studies, and Mathematical ReasoningFor a description of the material you are likely to see on the test, go to the test-taker’s page at the HiSET site: ets.hiset.org.

After you pass HiSET, your high school equivalency credential will be issued by the State of California and you will receive a transcript to apply to college, start training, or get a better job.

To learn more about the tests, go to: