Until last year, there was only one way to earn a California High School Equivalency Diploma: the GED®. With the introduction of the new computer-based version of the GED® in January 2014, and the approval of alternative tests by the state of California in March 2014, you now have more than one way to pursue your goal of earning the High School Equivalency Diploma.

If you are an adult 18 years of age or older, you can now earn your California High School Equivalency Diploma : 

HiSET: The HiSET exam is a new, five-part test which has recently been approved by the California State Board of Education. The test is available in both paper-and-pencil and computer-based versions. For information on HiSET, go to the HiSet/ETS web site. Para información en Español, cliquea aquíBe sure to watch the helpful ten-minute video presentation — en Español, aquí.

The HiSET alternatives were approved by the State Board of Education in March 2014, and they are new to California. Our school is a test center for HiSET. You can also find information at the California Department of Education site: click here.



If you are planning to take the high school equivalency tests, our skilled and experienced instructors can help. Whether you have recently left high school, or you are coming back to school after many years, we can help you refresh the skills you will need to feel confident about taking the test. For information about our classes, click on Test Preparation Classes Information.

 Our Test Preparation classes meet on:

 Monday and Wednesday         –        8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday       –        6:30 – 9:00 PM


STUDENT LEARNER OUTCOMES: See Learner Outcomes (High School Equivalency) for a description of Student Learner Outcomes.



Para inscrivirse en la clase de preparación en Español, cliquea Forma de Inscripcion.


Go to these web sites for resources that will help you improve your skills:

IMPROVE YOUR READING SKILL: The Reading Program of the Santa Clara County Library offers personal tutoring for adults who want to improve their reading skills. Visit the READING PROGRAM web site or call (408) 262-1349.

KHAN ACADEMY: Free online tutoring and resources for math, sciences, and humanities, with many opportunities to practice your skills.

HIPPOCAMPUS: Free resources for Math, English, Social Studies, and Sciences.

PURPLEMATH: Free online tutoring that will help you develop skill and confidence in Algebra.

COOLMATH: Bored by Math? Confused by Math? Hate Math? This site provides lots of lessons, practices, and references that try to make it fun to improve your Math skills.

AAA MATH: thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons that will help you improve your skills and confidence.

FREERICE: This site gives you a chance to practice your vocabulary. You can start with beginning-level vocabulary, and choose higher levels to challenge yourself.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER’S LEARNER’S DICTIONARY: An online American English dictionary for students of English as a Second Language and other students who want to improve their language arts skills.