It is never too late to graduate!

Your Diploma is closer than you think and we will help you every step of the way!

A high school diploma, or equivalent, is a minimum requirement for most jobs today; for all branches of the military, many State university systems and a growing number of employers. If you did not graduate from high school, but you have at least 100 qualifying credits from an accredited high school, you may be a candidate for this program.  The program is also available to high school students that need to recover credits.

What is the Adult High School Diploma Program?

Course work in our program is done by independent study, so that you can complete assignments from your home or  library or any place that you find convenient. You come to school and meet with your teacher once a week (evenings only) to turn in your work and pick up more work. At the end of every chapter and/or unit, you take a test, earning credits with a passing grade. When all the graduation requirements are met Morgan Hill Community Adult School will award your High School Diploma which you can use for employment and continuing education purposes.

Is MHCAS an Accredited High School?

Morgan Hill Community Adult School is Fully Accredited by the (WASC) Western Association of Schools and Colleges. All credits earned at MHCAS are accepted by other K-12 schools, Colleges, Universities, the Military and Employers. The military does have restrictions on the number of credits earned in an independent studies program.

How Long Will It Take To Complete The Program?

The student’s ability to complete the program and receive the high school diploma will depend upon how many credits must be completed and how consistently the student participates in the program and completes the required assignments. Highly motivated students with a relatively small number of credits to complete will be able to complete the program in less time; but some students take several years to finish the program and receive their accredited high school diploma. Most students should be able to complete a 5-credit course in 6 weeks. Students who do not complete the program within the school year will need to re-enroll for the following year if they wish to continue the program. 

STUDENT LEARNER OUTCOMES: See Learner Outcomes (Adult High School Diploma) for a description of Student Learner Outcomes.



The diploma requires successful completion of 180 units of credit, including at least 10 units earned in residence in the Community Adult School program. Units of credit in specified subjects and electives include:

      • English                                                                   30 credits
      • Math                                                                       20 credits
      • Algebra 1                                                               10 credits
      • Science                                                                  20 credits
      • World History                                                        10 credits
      • US History                                                            10 credits
      • Government/Civics                                                 5 credits
      • Economics                                                               5 credits
      • Foreign Language/Fine Arts                                 10 credits
      • Electives                                                                60 credits



To register for the Adult High School Diploma program, you will need to submit:

    • A completed Adult High School Diploma Application Packet(you can print this at home or ask for a copy at the Adult School Office).
    • A sealed official transcript from the last high school or adult school that you attended. If you attended more than one school, you will need to make sure that the official transcript includes all high school credit that you have earned (if not, you may have to submit several transcripts). The transcript must show that you have earned at least 100 qualifying credits. If you have not earned this number of credits, you are eligible for our High School Equivalency Test Preparation classes.
    • All entering students will take the state-mandated CASAS tests before being placed in a class.


Our school is able to accept a limited number of students from district high schools for Adult Independent Study. Enrollment in our classes enables high school students to obtain credits in order to graduate from high school.

    • Students must be enrolled for a full school day at a district high school, and they may obtain no more than 20 credits in one school year at the Adult School.
    • Priority is given to seniors, and we are able to accept juniors when we have space available, but no earlier than the third quarter of junior year.
    • Students must obtain the approval of a high school counselor, who must sign the Concurrent Student Referral Form. The student and a parent or guardian must also sign this form.
    • Students must also submit the Adult High School Diploma Application Packet.



Diplomas are awarded in December for students who complete all requirements between July  and December. Diplomas are issued in June for students who complete requirements between January and June.

For copies of transcripts, contact the office at (408) 201-6520. The fee for an official, sealed copy of a transcript is $10.



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